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學校沿革 School History

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Our school was founded in the autumn of 1966. We used to belong to "DAHU Junior High School" as its brench, located at the northern end of Xindian Village, Shihtan Township, Miaoli County. Mr. Zeng Bizhong was selected as the director of the branch to recruit two classes of new students, and two more classes were recruited the following year, and the scale began to take shape.




In 1968, the government implemented a nine-year compulsory education, followed the plan of one township, one middle school policy. After planning and preparing by Governor Yu Ciqi. On August 1st, 1968, the establishment of "Miaoli County Shihtan Junior High School" was officially approved. The Taiwan County government selected Mr. Chen Wenlong as the school’s first principal. During the branch period, the school enrolled students in Shihtan, Dahu, Gongguan, Touwu, Sanwan and other villages and towns, and enrolled 90 students in two classes every year. During the national high school period, the school districts were Yongxing Village, Baishou Village, Xindian Village, Hexing Village, Fenglin Village, and Xinfeng Village in this township, with a school area of ​​about two hectares.




Later, the hard work of fourteen principals including Wang Dawei, Wang Huifu, Zhang Huairen, Huang Luxiu, Lai Maoyuan, Lin Guoxiong, Zhuang Bosheng, Zhao Pengyi, Liu Zhenbai, Chen Shunfa, Xu Shumei, Xu Yonghong, Zeng Shangbin, and Lai Zhiliang laid a good foundation for the school. In July 2010, Principal Lai Zhiliang was transferred to Nanhu Junior High School. The Miaoli County Government selected alumnus Yu Haiqing to take over the school affairs, lead the teaching staff, strive to pursue the purpose of education, implement the education policy of paying equal attention to the five educations, develop the characteristics of the school, and develop the potential of students. Promoting the development of education is moving forward at a steady and steady pace.




With the increase of students, the school buildings have been added over the years. However, unfortunately, an earthquake occurred on September 21, 1999. Two teaching buildings were seriously damaged and demolished. After the hard work of Principal Xu Yonghong, the reconstruction started on May 10, 2001, completed in July 2003. The newly built school building incorporates the shape of a Hakka round building and has an elegant appearance. It stands beside Taiwan County Route 3 and has become an important landmark in Shihtan Villiage. After the 921 earthquake, Shihtan Junior High School is taking off again.




After more than 40 years of dedicated management, the school has about 5,000 graduates in every field with excellent performance. The current campus scenery is elegant, and various teaching facilities are also being enriched day by day. The spirit has been recognized and supported by the local government and parents, and it has become a good learning paradise.




Because the township is located in a remote mountainous area, the industry is sluggish, and the population outflow is extremely serious. Therefore, after the number of classes in our school reached 18 classes in the mid-1970s, it has been reduced year by year, until now, we only maintain three classes in whole school. All teachers and students redouble their efforts and work together, hoping to become a warm campus that is energetic, healthy, safe, willing to learn, create happiness, and progress. We hope that the superiors will implement the policy of balanced development of urban and rural education, and hope that this school will become a good citizen for the new century, an excellent secondary education institution with a beautiful prospect.